Hairy Vetch

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Hairy Vetch is one of the best winter hardy nitrogen producers used as a cover crop.  Planted in the fall, it will grow slowly before going dormant over the winter.  As temperatures rise in early spring, it will regrow vigorously, creating quite a bit of biomass with the potential to fix upwards of 160+ lb. of nitrogen if allowed to grow until full bloom.  This is a great cover crop for producers growing a cash crop that requires alot of nitrogen.  Hairy vetch does even better when mixed with a winter hardy  grain such as cereal rye that it can use as a trellis to grow up, allowing it more access to sunlight for better growth.  The addition of cereal rye also creates a higher biomass cover crop which is great for increasing soil organic matter and carbon levels.  Hairy vetch is also a great candidate for rolling down with a crimper as a method of termination if allowed to grow to 50% bloom.

Drilled seeding rate:  20lb/acre


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